Happy, long-term couples tend to..

Great lessons can be learned from observing happy, long-term couples. If you would like to improve the prospects of your relationship lasting a lifetime and more, then continue or adopt the following behaviors and attitudes.

1. Express gratitude and appreciation.

Long-term couples have come to accept each other’s behavior and avoid nit-picking each other. They recognise that preferences are neither right nor wrong, just preferences. They have grown respect for their differences.

2. Are willing to listen to each other.

Even when they do not agree. They are willing to let go of the things that they cannot agree on. They have learned to pick their battles and choose not to squabble over the small stuff.

3. Talk with respect to and about each other.

They avoid swearing, name-calling and insults. They solve problems together, rather than making each other the problem.

4. Continue to play.

Rather than getting stuck in a rut, they continue to explore together. They are willing to try out new things together. They approach an adventure with a smile on their face and the intention of enjoying the time together. Adventures do not have to be risky to count; they just have to be something out of the usual.

5. Fight fair.

They recognise that there will always be disagreements, but they choose not to be rude or obnoxious with each other. They approach their differences maturely and recognise that if one of them loses, they both lose. They are able to be open and honest with each other, work to understand each other’s perspective and appreciate their differences.

6. Continue connecting.

They continue to share who they are and how they are changing with each other. They do not assume that they are the same people they were when they first met. They have a truly intimate relationship because they continue to know each other.

7. Continue to demonstrate affection.

They enjoy touching, kissing, cuddling and more. Medical or other problems may get in the way, but they find ways to continue their physical closeness.

It is a pleasure to observe happy couples who after many years together, still enjoy each other’s company. Now is the time to grow into the habits that contribute to long-lasting happiness.

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