The horrible relationship killers

No one can list all the potential things that can screw up the course of true love, but we can give you a heads up on the most likely causes of relationships being screwed up

1. Friends and family

A massive part of your life is made up of your friends and family and, like it or not, the same goes for her. So, not getting along with the other people who share your partner’s life can push any relationship to its breaking point. It’s impossible to love everyone she knows, but maintaining “friendly” relationships with the closest people in her life (like her sister and best friend) is important in keeping your own relationship afloat.

2. Annoying habits

We already know you can’t like everyone all the time. Well, sometimes this counts for your partner too. Everything about her might be great, but if she has a few annoying habits, be careful. Stupid and trivial as these annoying habits might be — like talking in her sleep, leaving the cap off the toothpaste and wearing too much makeup — they can be relationship killers and wreck a couple.

3. High comfort levels

After being together for a while, couples tend to grow comfortable with each other — way too comfortable. They become more like friends than lovers as intimacy becomes way too familiar and routine, and they start to let things slide. Sex falls off the agenda and, before they know it, they’ve become the person stopping the other one from dating someone else.

4. Different goals

Over time, if a couple isn’t careful, they might begin to drift apart. This could be due to a lack of communication as other things, such as careers, become more important, or it could be a symptom of a relationship that just isn’t working. If both people are chasing separate goals, such as one wanting to put down roots where they are and the other going after a promotion which could involve relocating, clearly their future is in jeopardy. When this situation is left unchecked, someone is eventually going to have to choose between their ambitions and their significant other.

5. The past

People who live in the past find it impossible to move forward. If one of you insists on comparing your new relationship to previous ones, the future doesn’t look good. While learning from past mistakes is a good thing, treating them as a blueprint for every other relationship is not. What you have now is different to anything you’ve had before, so let it grow free from past screw-ups.

7 thoughts on “The horrible relationship killers

  1. I used this as a trivia for a friend, and she didn’t guess one right! She presented the usual (i.e., infidelity, children, and finances). Thank you for original ideas!


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