Girlfriends perspective of valentines day!

After being in a long term relationship and having several valentines day with my partner, we have come up with the idea of writing are views on valentines day considering that we have never spoke of this before. My partner will be writing his view on valentines day later on in the evening.

Now for me being a female who is mesmerized by love, valentines day is one of my favorite days of the year. I look forward to spending money on my boyfriend (I do this throughout the year as well, but this time is extra special!), I like to buy meaningful things for him such as cards which I personally love, but I know my boyfriend does not. However I also like to have a little fun with things when I can, a cheeky gift is never dismissed in our relationship! On valentines day I do not expect something that cost a lot of money from my boyfriend, just something small and meaningful to give me a little reminder of how much I mean to him, such as a small rose or card with a personal message. I am not one for big diamond rings and giant teddies! i Think that is slightly extravagant and does not really show their love to you, it just shows how much cash they have to flash.

However i know that it is not all about the gifts and the money you have spent, the real meaning of valentines day for me is getting to spend it with my boyfriend, making time for each other for one whole day just to devote are love. People can get very busy in the year sometimes leaving out the sentimental details to their relationship, so this is why i think valentines day is important to make up on all them missing details.

I think that valentines day allows both people in the relationship to really make an effort for each other, to prove their love for each other. This does not mean having to go out for a high wine and dine meal, with 1000 red roses delivered to your door and expect to be proposed to in the middle of a restaurant… it could be a film day in doors, snuggled up in the blankets with tons of chocolate and pizza ordered for 7:30 PM! As longs as you are together who cares what it is doing because I know I sure would prefer the second option, but that is just me.

We all know that their is another side to valentines day that not just men think about.. yes ladies SEX. Everyone knows that sex is on the agenda during the 14th of February all day and all night around the world, there is no shame in it! I think that valentines day is the chance to physically make love, passionately. As the girlfriend in the relationship, I think valentines day is the chance for us ladies to get dolled up and show the men what they have really bargained for having us for their partners.

Valentines day for me is important, its the time for loving and reminding your partner why they are in love with you.

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