A relationship should be about fun along with love. There should be many times throughout your relationship where you are having fun together. This involves laughter.

Laughter is a very important key to a fulfilling long term relationship, there should be certain places and times you have laughed together. Enjoyed laughing together.

It is worth going out of your way to spend well earned time with your partner and have a good laugh! Especially if you’re going down a rocky road at this moment in time, go back to a place where you once made really happy memories and laughed together re live this memory. Maybe it will be useful as a little remind of the good times you had and why you love your partner.

Laughing can be very meaningful, sometimes you share a glance with your partner which leads to uncontrollable laughter. This can be one of the best ways to get through to your partner if something is troubling them or you’re both acting stubborn! Laugh it off.

Laughter can also be found sexy in the bedroom, it creates a strong connection of happiness between you and your partner. This is only if you’re both laughing together, don’t go laughing at your partner if they are not laughing. This could end up with them assuming you’re laughing at them that can make your partner feel insecure.

Laughter is the key to love.

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