Boyfriends perspective of meeting the girlfriends parents for the first time..

Meeting someone new is worrying on it’s own, let alone meeting the girl’s parents you’re going to spend the rest of your life with.

For me, i was worried sick, i was dreading the meet. I did not know how to greet them. Will the parents expect a handshake, a hug, or a bow? Will they want to be called Mr/Mrs, by their first name or by sir/ma’am? Will you be expected to take your shoes of in the house? Should you take off your jacket, or wait for them to offer to take it from you? (This is what being nervous and over thinking does to you..)

After i met the parents, all of the worries flew over my head and i was comfortable, i understood that i didn’t have to be someone that i wasn’t.  I was just sitting their minding my own business whilst my girlfriend was speaking to her mum until an argument escalated out of no where, this made me feel awkward and uncomfortable. Then the worst thing happened. I was asked to choose sides. I did not know what to say, so i replied swiftly with ‘i don’t know’. The argument died down soon after, and so my girlfriend went upstairs followed by me, away from the awkwardness that was left after the argument.

I was definitely out of my comfort zone whilst at my girlfriends house and this lasted the first few times i visited. However, as the relationship grew older i realised that my girlfriend’s parents trusted me more than they did before. Now, i did not know this for sure but it certainly felt this way.

If i could give anyone tips on meeting your partners parents, then it would simply be not to be stupid like me and over think every goddamn possible outcome that might happen. Everything will flow, and slip in to place. Just don’t worry.

The girlfriends perspective of meeting the parents will be uploaded later on this evening. Thanks for reading.

7 thoughts on “Boyfriends perspective of meeting the girlfriends parents for the first time..

  1. When I met Joes dad for the first time, he had just got in from work and I was in Joes top and underwear, downstairs making tea (we were long distance for a while).
    When I first met his mum, a while later, she got my name wrong.
    Fair to say, nothing was really that awkward after those two meets… and now we all live together!

    My advice would be to relax, be yourself and make sure they know how much you care for the person you’re with.


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