Support is a very important part of a relationship, you should support your partner in many ways. Here are some of the ways that your partner may need support in.

1. Do they have a stressful family? Constant arguments and issues with them? Then be that shoulder to cry on when it all gets to much for your partner! Allow them to rant to you about there family without being judgemental and reassure them that things will sort itself out.

2. Do you both have different career aspirations? Try to compromise so you can work for your aspirations but so it suits you and your partner. Support their ideas and choices. Encourage them.

3. If they are feeling slightly down in the dumps… Make them smile! Take all their concerns and worries away, take them out for the day! Do something cheeky to make their day.

4. Always have a ear to listen, sometimes you don’t have to do anything but listen to give your partner support!

5. Tell your partner meaningful positive things to offer support.such as what to wear it’s only minor but positively building your partners confidence will help give them support.

If you love your partner, always offer your support.

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