How to keep your relationship fun!

Portrait Of A Funny Couple
We all know that long term relationships always have there dry moments where nothing’s that fun and it’s all a little bit boring! Well here’s a couple of steps to change things around and keep things fun.

Firstly keep your mind young, keep having fun! And don’t be too serious. Always have fun with your partner, mess about like kids! There’s nothing wrong with letting loose of your wild side when you are with your partner. Don’t be embarrassed to do a silly dance together or pull silly faces that’s all the little things that bring laughter into your relationship.

Secondly try new activities together maybe start running together. Go, go karting! Try something a little different in your days out or in the holidays, maybe jet skiing if you’re abroad! Go a little crazy together, have fun!

How about playing video games together to get the competition flowing! I good bit of rivalry won’t hurt, there can always be a cheeky reward for the winner! Spice the night up a bit, it could be fun!

Make fun of each other, have private jokes! Don’t get to personal or offensive to the stage where your partner does not find it funny no more. But have a little tease and a joke enough to make each other laugh over it.

Flirting, this can keep the relationship fun! Yes this means sex too! There’s always ways to be cheeky in a relationship. A little tease for your partner won’t do no harm and romantic sex or wild sex can both be fun! Just make time for sex in your relationship this can be hard if you’re busy working or have little terrors running around the place. Make time for sex it keeps the relationship fun and sexy!

4 thoughts on “How to keep your relationship fun!

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  2. Genuinely read this like a tick list… I’m pretty sure my relationship has most, if not all, of your pointers for keeping a relationship fun!

    If you’d ever like an outsider opinion on anything (I love your boyfriend/girlfriend views on different things) I’d be happy to volunteer 🙂 Keep posting!



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