Family gatherings


We all know that family gatherings can always be slightly awkward and boring for a couple of reasons such as if you have not met all of the family or it may be awkward for your partner meeting your family if they have not done so. However this should not be the case as much as you and your partner may dread family gatherings because all of the family history gets dragged up or the old family photo album gets dragged out! There may be one to many drinks for a certain family member which they then become the clown for the evening, which can be highly embarrassing for you as  your partner is there! These are only minor things that you can easily get over and enjoy these dreaded family gatherings.

1. Try to prevent the same old conversation from slipping out by keeping the conversation fresh try to talk about the future and  not the past. Keep your family interested by talking about your future career aspirations or future plans with your partner, try asking them what they are thinking about doing over the next couple of years. This will be bound to keep the family history from slipping up!

2. Don’t take any extra beverages to a family gathering as there is always way too much to start of with, try taking flowers or another sentimental gift. This may help to prevent the usual family members for becoming too drunk and showing you and the family up. This will save you the embarrassment and your partner the awkwardness of not knowing what to do!

3. Try not to mention family photos or try not to take too many as this is when the old photo albums get dragged out. This can be highly embarrassing for you but very funny for your partner and you may not be able to out live those horrid family photos! so its best to keep them hidden away.

4. Family gatherings are not all bad they can be the perfect opportunity for your partner to bond with your family, try to act as normal as possible so your partner does not feel awkward. Don’t talk for them, they are able to answer your family’s questions however if these do to get too wild there is permission to step in and save your partner from your family!

5. Something that may help your partner cope with your crazy family gatherings is to prep them on how your family is most likely to behave and apologise to your partner before hand for anything your family might say throughout the night.

– Girlfriend

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