What she wants you to know

There are many things a girl will want a boy to know, but won’t say anything. We will expect them to know this kind of stuff but the thing is they haven’t got a clue! But us girls keep hush. Here are 4 of them:

1. We want them to ask questions about are day, even ask for details! And take interest in what we are telling them, or at least act like they are. As the well know truth about most girls is we love to talk about what we have done, even if it is slightly too much sometimes!

2. We want to feel genuinely appreciated by are men, not feel as if they’re trying to get into are pants every half an hour! If we are cuddling then we are cuddling, this may lead into something else if the mood is right. However don’t push it on us, this becomes unattractive and clingy. If you want to make love do it nicely,no one likes that awkward tension of when one partner wants sex and the other is not up for it, if your partner is not feeling it the drop it for another day or leave it until later when the time is right.

3. Us girls are constantly fishing for compliments from are men, even the most shy girls are secretly waiting for a compliment. Compliments are good for us it helps build are confidence and self esteem, just a simple ‘your hair looks nice’ or ‘I like that top’ will put a huge smile on are faces and normally puts you men in are good books! We won’t always ask you ‘does my hair look alright’ or ‘how’s my dress’ we do sometimes expect you to be able to compliment us without us hinting to you.

4. The last point is that the male in the relationship usually thinks that they know slightly more and think that they are always right, well in are case that’s how it goes! Now us girls in the relationship won’t usually argue back over this we will just take are partners opinions and move on (usually to save time) but this does become hugely annoying as the men need to realise we are in the 21st century us girls have opinions too! And we would like them to be taken into consideration! Although we feel this way, we won’t actually mention anything we will just wait until are partner realises (As we know inside that we are right anyway).


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