The thing about my boyfriend is…


There are many things about my boyfriend that I well and truly love and appreciate him, although I love him for the crazy things he says and does.. I can admit he can be very very annoying mostly in a good way but sometimes he can get on my nerves! Here are a few things that makes me love my boyfriend;

1. He makes me laugh, the crazy little things he does make me so happy! He sings, he dances and he makes silly voices all little childish parts of his personality burst out when he is with me which is great. I love him letting loose and being silly with me it keeps the relationship fun and not too serious.

2. He is slightly a gamer…my boyfriend and his games can become slightly annoying! He does let me join in occasionally but am not very good and will ruin his high score record so he takes them back, I don’t mind him playing games as this is the time I get to cuddle him even if I am only getting half a cuddle back! the only thing that annoys me about my boyfriend and his games are the only conversation is between him and the TV screen…

3. My boyfriend is the joker, he loves to tell his cheesy jokes. My boyfriend can be very witty with what he comes out with which can be funny if you understand him but some people might take what he says to heart. This can always be awkward when me and him find what he says funny but no one else understands what we are laughing at. I love this about him! Its one of my favourite aspects to my boyfriend his sense of humour I find hilarious!

4. My boyfriend is very smart but also very opinionated… this can be annoying and cause many heated discussions as he always has to be right! Most of the time I can shrug his smart know it all opinions off and although he is normally always right which can get very irritating, he sometimes helps me solve things which I am struggling with so that’s a bonus!

5. My boyfriend is silly, crazy, opinionated and annoying but he is also very loving and supportive and he loves me very much just like I love him! I honestly feel like my boyfriend keeps me sane and extremely happy! He makes me laugh, smile, frustrated and he makes me sulk however he makes me the happiest girl alive.

so the things about my boyfriend is… He Is great and I am proud of everything he does and I am so very grateful for what I have. So if you have someone special like I do, do not take them for granted appreciate them and love them.


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