How nagging can kill your relationship!

Constantly nagging at your other half is not a great thing to do. Nagging can build up short fuses within your relationship and can make your partner resentful of you.

1. Nagging at your partner may make them feel like you’re parenting them, you’re not there to ensure they make their beds or wash up their plates. You remember what that was like a few years ago getting nagged at by your mum, annoying! So your partner may start to find you annoying.

2. If you’re constantly asking your man do to things and are repeating the same questions to him and are still getting ignored… The most likely thing is your man is just hearing ‘nag nag nag nag’ so will not listen anyway. So try a different approach to get them to listen.

3.  Constant nagging from both partners will lead to arguments, ones that are not even about the original problem they’re about the nagging! So this is not a win, win situation as nothing gets resolved.

4. As I’ve said earlier nagging can cause a strong feeling of resentment between the relationship, so much so that you no longer look forward to seeing your partner you’re just dreading all the nagging! This is why nagging is a relationship killer, stop yourself from nagging before it’s too late.

5. Finally nagging makes your relationship dull and boring… You spend so much of your time together arguing and nagging when you could be out having fun! Maybe a nice meal or a date to the cinema. Nagging isn’t worth missing out on all the good times and memories you could be making.

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