Does your girlfriend love you?

I’m going to start of straight away and state the obvious: you can’t ever really know. You can see the sings, but not their source and you will have to live without proof.

Love is as much about faith as anything else. Faith and evidence. Love isn’t visible, but you can make some educated guesses based on the observable universe.

That’s the thing with love, isn’t it?  To really feel it, to really know it, you have gamble with some high stakes:  to close your eyes and cast your own heart out beyond the safety of your own control.  You have to trust that it’ll find its way home.

Oh, but if it does…if she loves you, and you her, and the two of you manage to sort out the stuff between…  Magic.  Not that fancy sort of magic with flying birds and a puff of smoke – no.  A quiet, organic kind of magic that grows slowly and quietly.

Is it worth risking devastation for that kind of magic, with no proper evidence to rely upon? YES.

She might not love you. She might not know yet. She might not know how. Go slowly. Don’t forget, however, that she might indeed love you. I hope she does.

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