Regrets and mistakes 

No relationships are perfect… Although some might pretend that their relationship is but deep down there is always regrets and mistakes that have been made. However these mistakes are not always a bad thing. 

When a mistake occurs in a relationship a huge explosion or anger can occur between the relationship, arguments and Nasty words being thrown at eachother! None of that either of you mean it’s just the heat of the moment. What’s happened may seem terrible at this specific moment of time or maybe for the next few weeks or maybe months! But if you’re a strong couple and truly love eachother they you can pull through anything. 

Mistakes lead you to love harder and work together as the strong couple you are, it leads to good communication skills and outings and great happy memories to be built together. The more you work towards your relationship the better things will be and gradually the happy positive memories will over power the negative regrets. 

Don’t let regrets hold you back everyone makes mistakes and there should always be some reason for them, if you’re with the love of your life they can over see your small mistakes and move on with you. However if you cannot move on and still get made to feel guilty for the small mistakes you have made, does your partner really love you? Ask your self this. Although it must be hard for your partner to accept your mistakes at first if you stay positive they will gradually be positive too. 

There’s a tip for when you and your partner have mistakes and regrets but are moving in to create happy memories and happy regrets such as silly drunken nights, make sure you and your partner smile more!

3 thoughts on “Regrets and mistakes 

  1. Sir, you don’t need to, I am happy to say, apologise, but you’re too generous. Your posts are, indeed, high contents, answering burning questions on the issue of relationship, which, I learnt, intensely help both singles and married.

    I am a Psychological Dating Expert but, I am sorry to say, some of my posts are salacious and racy, in a sense, to give sexual urge to the married who are having, sorry to say, sex problem.

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