In a relationship it is one of the most important things to do is have fun! It’s important for you and your partner to be silly around eachother and not be ashamed or embarrassed of what people may think. 

If you don’t keep your relationships fun you may become bored of eachother company or may start to resent seeing your partner due to feeling unhappy and well BORED…

It’s still alright for you and your partner to mess around in shops or pull silly faces in a reasturant whether you are 16, 31 or 65 a little cheekiness and fun makes love for everyone!

Boys pick your girlfriend up and swing her around in the middle of a shopping centre, try on silly clothes and hats while you’re out shopping! Take no notice of what people think just enjoy being with the girl you love.

Now you girls loosen up don’t worry about how other girls in relationships may look at you, you play with your boyfriends hair or trip him up in public  nothing is wrong with a good old friendly bit of fun! Don’t be fussing if he messes up your hair a little when you’re out he does not care he still think you’re as beautiful just he’s having fun with you!

Do little dances or tell private jokes, laugh at things and take silly pictures standing on a bench for everyone to see! Be proud of your partner and love them dearly. Have fun don’t waste time enjoy this loving relationship, you never know they could be the one. 


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