In a relationship it is one of the most important things to do is have fun! It’s important for you and your partner to be silly around eachother and not be ashamed or embarrassed of what people may think. 

If you don’t keep your relationships fun you may become bored of eachother company or may start to resent seeing your partner due to feeling unhappy and well BORED…

It’s still alright for you and your partner to mess around in shops or pull silly faces in a reasturant whether you are 16, 31 or 65 a little cheekiness and fun makes love for everyone!

Boys pick your girlfriend up and swing her around in the middle of a shopping centre, try on silly clothes and hats while you’re out shopping! Take no notice of what people think just enjoy being with the girl you love.

Now you girls loosen up don’t worry about how other girls in relationships may look at you, you play with your boyfriends hair or trip him up in public  nothing is wrong with a good old friendly bit of fun! Don’t be fussing if he messes up your hair a little when you’re out he does not care he still think you’re as beautiful just he’s having fun with you!

Do little dances or tell private jokes, laugh at things and take silly pictures standing on a bench for everyone to see! Be proud of your partner and love them dearly. Have fun don’t waste time enjoy this loving relationship, you never know they could be the one. 




We couldn’t keep our promise to blog everyday, but we have been trying to do so and we will be blogging so don’t you guys worry. At this moment in time with have our final exams coming up, therefore we have been revising and are struggling to find time to blog. 

Thank you for all the love and support you show.

Do not worry, we will still be blogging.

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Regrets and mistakes 

No relationships are perfect… Although some might pretend that their relationship is but deep down there is always regrets and mistakes that have been made. However these mistakes are not always a bad thing. 

When a mistake occurs in a relationship a huge explosion or anger can occur between the relationship, arguments and Nasty words being thrown at eachother! None of that either of you mean it’s just the heat of the moment. What’s happened may seem terrible at this specific moment of time or maybe for the next few weeks or maybe months! But if you’re a strong couple and truly love eachother they you can pull through anything. 

Mistakes lead you to love harder and work together as the strong couple you are, it leads to good communication skills and outings and great happy memories to be built together. The more you work towards your relationship the better things will be and gradually the happy positive memories will over power the negative regrets. 

Don’t let regrets hold you back everyone makes mistakes and there should always be some reason for them, if you’re with the love of your life they can over see your small mistakes and move on with you. However if you cannot move on and still get made to feel guilty for the small mistakes you have made, does your partner really love you? Ask your self this. Although it must be hard for your partner to accept your mistakes at first if you stay positive they will gradually be positive too. 

There’s a tip for when you and your partner have mistakes and regrets but are moving in to create happy memories and happy regrets such as silly drunken nights, make sure you and your partner smile more!

Does your girlfriend love you?

I’m going to start of straight away and state the obvious: you can’t ever really know. You can see the sings, but not their source and you will have to live without proof.

Love is as much about faith as anything else. Faith and evidence. Love isn’t visible, but you can make some educated guesses based on the observable universe.

That’s the thing with love, isn’t it?  To really feel it, to really know it, you have gamble with some high stakes:  to close your eyes and cast your own heart out beyond the safety of your own control.  You have to trust that it’ll find its way home.

Oh, but if it does…if she loves you, and you her, and the two of you manage to sort out the stuff between…  Magic.  Not that fancy sort of magic with flying birds and a puff of smoke – no.  A quiet, organic kind of magic that grows slowly and quietly.

Is it worth risking devastation for that kind of magic, with no proper evidence to rely upon? YES.

She might not love you. She might not know yet. She might not know how. Go slowly. Don’t forget, however, that she might indeed love you. I hope she does.

3 steps to keeping your relationship unique 

Having a unique relationship is a great thing to have, doing things that make you and your other half happy even if other couples do not approve of is a great gift to have.

1. Don’t feel as if you have to go to every single land mark on planet earth that other couples you know have been. Go places that you and your partner enjoy and find interesting. Or if you don’t enjoy going out all of the time but you see other couples, don’t go! Stay in and chill out with your partner that’s cool too!

2. Don’t feel as if you have to dress a certain ‘classy’ way when you and your partner meet people or are invited out. Dress how you are comfortable so you will enjoy your evening. 

3. Not all couples approve of public effection however don’t let this stop you! If you want to hold hands, kiss or give your parter a great big hug you go for it! It’s their choice if they want to hide their effection away that’s their choice. Although I say this… Don’t show your effection too much if you know what I mean! 

Be unique, have fun and keep loving your relationship!


Wow, 100 followers!

Relationship malarkey now has 100 followers!  We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who follows our blog and you have helped us hit another milestone. We first aimed maybe for a good few true followers that we could really help them with are relationship, now we have an amazing 100 true followers!

Thank you to everyone who has commented on our blogs about how are blogs have helped them and how we can improve. This really helps inspire us to write more blogs for you guys. Also reblogging Them is huge wow! As this allows more amazing people around the world to read are blogs and hopefully they will help them. 

When we first started up relationship malarkey we never knew how far it would come, gaining followers and likes has really put are confidence to a high level when blogging. We take on board all of are followers feedback and we love receiving it too! So we greatly appreciate everything that our followers do for us. 

Keep following, keep liking, enjoy reading and than you very much!

– Girlfriend and Boyfriend 

What you should never say in a relationship..

Whatever you do in your relationship, be sure to avoid saying any of the following to your other half..

1) Comparing the relationship. This is 100% a no-go area. Don’t even do it in a positive way because once you open up that area without boundaries, a negative comment can sneak in out of no where. Keep the relationship you’re currently in as sacred and unique as you can.

2) Complaining about how your partner used to be. This involves saying ‘You used to be so romantic’ instead of ‘i loved all of the romantic things you used to do for me and now it seems you’re too busy for me’. Attacks on character opposed to deed are taken very personally and hurts are not remembered for a short period of time. Say what you mean and keep it specific and accurate.

3) Correcting your partners grammar during an argument. This is being patronising to your partner. If you don’t treat them as equal, they will puff up to prove themselves to be.

4) Name calling. Darling: yes. Any name that is viscous or hurtful, no matter how creative or funny you think it may be: no. Your partner will never, ever forget it. A hurtful label cannot be undone when it has been placed.

5) Any threat to end the relationship. (Unless you truly mean it)

If two people can have an argument and still feel secure that the relationship is solid and they are safe and still committed, then the relationship is not solid and neither of you are in face safe in it.

How nagging can kill your relationship!

Constantly nagging at your other half is not a great thing to do. Nagging can build up short fuses within your relationship and can make your partner resentful of you.

1. Nagging at your partner may make them feel like you’re parenting them, you’re not there to ensure they make their beds or wash up their plates. You remember what that was like a few years ago getting nagged at by your mum, annoying! So your partner may start to find you annoying.

2. If you’re constantly asking your man do to things and are repeating the same questions to him and are still getting ignored… The most likely thing is your man is just hearing ‘nag nag nag nag’ so will not listen anyway. So try a different approach to get them to listen.

3.  Constant nagging from both partners will lead to arguments, ones that are not even about the original problem they’re about the nagging! So this is not a win, win situation as nothing gets resolved.

4. As I’ve said earlier nagging can cause a strong feeling of resentment between the relationship, so much so that you no longer look forward to seeing your partner you’re just dreading all the nagging! This is why nagging is a relationship killer, stop yourself from nagging before it’s too late.

5. Finally nagging makes your relationship dull and boring… You spend so much of your time together arguing and nagging when you could be out having fun! Maybe a nice meal or a date to the cinema. Nagging isn’t worth missing out on all the good times and memories you could be making.

How keeping secrets can kill a relationship

Many people believe that they keep secrets from their partner because they think telling the truth will make things worse. Or they believe that their significant other simply cannot handle the truth and will end the relationship.  Here i will give you 4 reasons why it’s a good idea not to keep secrets;

1) You will feel better about yourself. Honesty is always the best policy and most of us have a moral code which tells us that keeping secrets is akin to lying. However for the majority of us, being dishonest is only acceptable when we are desperate.

2) Secrets can lead to depression. A study recently showed that young people aged 14-19 who kept private secrets had higher levels of rule-breaking behaviors and reported lower moods with more complaints of headaches. The study also found that secrecy was correlated with feelings of loneliness.

3) Secrets lead to lies. A big secret can easily turn into a web of lies. After all, it’s not easy to keep something important from the people you care about without telling a few little white lies to cover your tail along the way. Without getting into all the reasons that lying is something you just shouldn’t do, suffice it to say that honesty really is the best policy.

4) Your partner is more understanding than you might think. If someone has proved themselves to be worthy of your trust, then that person is worth confiding in. You might be surprised at what a relief it is to open up about the things you’ve been keeping to yourself.


The thing about my boyfriend is…


There are many things about my boyfriend that I well and truly love and appreciate him, although I love him for the crazy things he says and does.. I can admit he can be very very annoying mostly in a good way but sometimes he can get on my nerves! Here are a few things that makes me love my boyfriend;

1. He makes me laugh, the crazy little things he does make me so happy! He sings, he dances and he makes silly voices all little childish parts of his personality burst out when he is with me which is great. I love him letting loose and being silly with me it keeps the relationship fun and not too serious.

2. He is slightly a gamer…my boyfriend and his games can become slightly annoying! He does let me join in occasionally but am not very good and will ruin his high score record so he takes them back, I don’t mind him playing games as this is the time I get to cuddle him even if I am only getting half a cuddle back! the only thing that annoys me about my boyfriend and his games are the only conversation is between him and the TV screen…

3. My boyfriend is the joker, he loves to tell his cheesy jokes. My boyfriend can be very witty with what he comes out with which can be funny if you understand him but some people might take what he says to heart. This can always be awkward when me and him find what he says funny but no one else understands what we are laughing at. I love this about him! Its one of my favourite aspects to my boyfriend his sense of humour I find hilarious!

4. My boyfriend is very smart but also very opinionated… this can be annoying and cause many heated discussions as he always has to be right! Most of the time I can shrug his smart know it all opinions off and although he is normally always right which can get very irritating, he sometimes helps me solve things which I am struggling with so that’s a bonus!

5. My boyfriend is silly, crazy, opinionated and annoying but he is also very loving and supportive and he loves me very much just like I love him! I honestly feel like my boyfriend keeps me sane and extremely happy! He makes me laugh, smile, frustrated and he makes me sulk however he makes me the happiest girl alive.

so the things about my boyfriend is… He Is great and I am proud of everything he does and I am so very grateful for what I have. So if you have someone special like I do, do not take them for granted appreciate them and love them.