How nagging can kill your relationship!

Constantly nagging at your other half is not a great thing to do. Nagging can build up short fuses within your relationship and can make your partner resentful of you.

1. Nagging at your partner may make them feel like you’re parenting them, you’re not there to ensure they make their beds or wash up their plates. You remember what that was like a few years ago getting nagged at by your mum, annoying! So your partner may start to find you annoying.

2. If you’re constantly asking your man do to things and are repeating the same questions to him and are still getting ignored… The most likely thing is your man is just hearing ‘nag nag nag nag’ so will not listen anyway. So try a different approach to get them to listen.

3.  Constant nagging from both partners will lead to arguments, ones that are not even about the original problem they’re about the nagging! So this is not a win, win situation as nothing gets resolved.

4. As I’ve said earlier nagging can cause a strong feeling of resentment between the relationship, so much so that you no longer look forward to seeing your partner you’re just dreading all the nagging! This is why nagging is a relationship killer, stop yourself from nagging before it’s too late.

5. Finally nagging makes your relationship dull and boring… You spend so much of your time together arguing and nagging when you could be out having fun! Maybe a nice meal or a date to the cinema. Nagging isn’t worth missing out on all the good times and memories you could be making.


How keeping secrets can kill a relationship

Many people believe that they keep secrets from their partner because they think telling the truth will make things worse. Or they believe that their significant other simply cannot handle the truth and will end the relationship.  Here i will give you 4 reasons why it’s a good idea not to keep secrets;

1) You will feel better about yourself. Honesty is always the best policy and most of us have a moral code which tells us that keeping secrets is akin to lying. However for the majority of us, being dishonest is only acceptable when we are desperate.

2) Secrets can lead to depression. A study recently showed that young people aged 14-19 who kept private secrets had higher levels of rule-breaking behaviors and reported lower moods with more complaints of headaches. The study also found that secrecy was correlated with feelings of loneliness.

3) Secrets lead to lies. A big secret can easily turn into a web of lies. After all, it’s not easy to keep something important from the people you care about without telling a few little white lies to cover your tail along the way. Without getting into all the reasons that lying is something you just shouldn’t do, suffice it to say that honesty really is the best policy.

4) Your partner is more understanding than you might think. If someone has proved themselves to be worthy of your trust, then that person is worth confiding in. You might be surprised at what a relief it is to open up about the things you’ve been keeping to yourself.


The thing about my boyfriend is…


There are many things about my boyfriend that I well and truly love and appreciate him, although I love him for the crazy things he says and does.. I can admit he can be very very annoying mostly in a good way but sometimes he can get on my nerves! Here are a few things that makes me love my boyfriend;

1. He makes me laugh, the crazy little things he does make me so happy! He sings, he dances and he makes silly voices all little childish parts of his personality burst out when he is with me which is great. I love him letting loose and being silly with me it keeps the relationship fun and not too serious.

2. He is slightly a gamer…my boyfriend and his games can become slightly annoying! He does let me join in occasionally but am not very good and will ruin his high score record so he takes them back, I don’t mind him playing games as this is the time I get to cuddle him even if I am only getting half a cuddle back! the only thing that annoys me about my boyfriend and his games are the only conversation is between him and the TV screen…

3. My boyfriend is the joker, he loves to tell his cheesy jokes. My boyfriend can be very witty with what he comes out with which can be funny if you understand him but some people might take what he says to heart. This can always be awkward when me and him find what he says funny but no one else understands what we are laughing at. I love this about him! Its one of my favourite aspects to my boyfriend his sense of humour I find hilarious!

4. My boyfriend is very smart but also very opinionated… this can be annoying and cause many heated discussions as he always has to be right! Most of the time I can shrug his smart know it all opinions off and although he is normally always right which can get very irritating, he sometimes helps me solve things which I am struggling with so that’s a bonus!

5. My boyfriend is silly, crazy, opinionated and annoying but he is also very loving and supportive and he loves me very much just like I love him! I honestly feel like my boyfriend keeps me sane and extremely happy! He makes me laugh, smile, frustrated and he makes me sulk however he makes me the happiest girl alive.

so the things about my boyfriend is… He Is great and I am proud of everything he does and I am so very grateful for what I have. So if you have someone special like I do, do not take them for granted appreciate them and love them.


What she wants you to know

There are many things a girl will want a boy to know, but won’t say anything. We will expect them to know this kind of stuff but the thing is they haven’t got a clue! But us girls keep hush. Here are 4 of them:

1. We want them to ask questions about are day, even ask for details! And take interest in what we are telling them, or at least act like they are. As the well know truth about most girls is we love to talk about what we have done, even if it is slightly too much sometimes!

2. We want to feel genuinely appreciated by are men, not feel as if they’re trying to get into are pants every half an hour! If we are cuddling then we are cuddling, this may lead into something else if the mood is right. However don’t push it on us, this becomes unattractive and clingy. If you want to make love do it nicely,no one likes that awkward tension of when one partner wants sex and the other is not up for it, if your partner is not feeling it the drop it for another day or leave it until later when the time is right.

3. Us girls are constantly fishing for compliments from are men, even the most shy girls are secretly waiting for a compliment. Compliments are good for us it helps build are confidence and self esteem, just a simple ‘your hair looks nice’ or ‘I like that top’ will put a huge smile on are faces and normally puts you men in are good books! We won’t always ask you ‘does my hair look alright’ or ‘how’s my dress’ we do sometimes expect you to be able to compliment us without us hinting to you.

4. The last point is that the male in the relationship usually thinks that they know slightly more and think that they are always right, well in are case that’s how it goes! Now us girls in the relationship won’t usually argue back over this we will just take are partners opinions and move on (usually to save time) but this does become hugely annoying as the men need to realise we are in the 21st century us girls have opinions too! And we would like them to be taken into consideration! Although we feel this way, we won’t actually mention anything we will just wait until are partner realises (As we know inside that we are right anyway).


What he wants you to know..

These are 4 things that men want you to know, but won’t say a thing.

1) He thinks about sex all the time.

Yes, it’s true. The average male under 60 years old thinks about sex at least once a day, and men fantasize more often than women. Even when your girlfriend is feeling like poop, most guys genuinely don’t care and are perfectly willing to get down and dirty.

2) He needs his own space.

We need are own alone time. This doesn’t mean we don’t want to be with you, we just need time to relax and recharge. Unlike women, men don’t need to leave the house to go somewhere or go out on a spa day. We’re happy laying on the sofa with our hands in our pants.

3) He doesn’t like being set up.

Asking us, ‘Does this dress make me look fat?’ is setting us up. The same goes for questions like, ‘Can i ask you something without you getting angry?’ or statements like ‘Don’t take this the wrong way but…’

4) Guys may not be deep, but they’re also not dumb.

Women have complained for years about unrealistic portrayals on TV. Well, the same applies to guys. We know how to get a stain out of a shirt, take care of the kids without causing a disaster and how to cook meals. We like to be appreciated for the things we do. So, show us guys some love when we go the extra mile!

Family gatherings


We all know that family gatherings can always be slightly awkward and boring for a couple of reasons such as if you have not met all of the family or it may be awkward for your partner meeting your family if they have not done so. However this should not be the case as much as you and your partner may dread family gatherings because all of the family history gets dragged up or the old family photo album gets dragged out! There may be one to many drinks for a certain family member which they then become the clown for the evening, which can be highly embarrassing for you as  your partner is there! These are only minor things that you can easily get over and enjoy these dreaded family gatherings.

1. Try to prevent the same old conversation from slipping out by keeping the conversation fresh try to talk about the future and  not the past. Keep your family interested by talking about your future career aspirations or future plans with your partner, try asking them what they are thinking about doing over the next couple of years. This will be bound to keep the family history from slipping up!

2. Don’t take any extra beverages to a family gathering as there is always way too much to start of with, try taking flowers or another sentimental gift. This may help to prevent the usual family members for becoming too drunk and showing you and the family up. This will save you the embarrassment and your partner the awkwardness of not knowing what to do!

3. Try not to mention family photos or try not to take too many as this is when the old photo albums get dragged out. This can be highly embarrassing for you but very funny for your partner and you may not be able to out live those horrid family photos! so its best to keep them hidden away.

4. Family gatherings are not all bad they can be the perfect opportunity for your partner to bond with your family, try to act as normal as possible so your partner does not feel awkward. Don’t talk for them, they are able to answer your family’s questions however if these do to get too wild there is permission to step in and save your partner from your family!

5. Something that may help your partner cope with your crazy family gatherings is to prep them on how your family is most likely to behave and apologise to your partner before hand for anything your family might say throughout the night.

– Girlfriend

How to keep your relationship fun!

Portrait Of A Funny Couple
We all know that long term relationships always have there dry moments where nothing’s that fun and it’s all a little bit boring! Well here’s a couple of steps to change things around and keep things fun.

Firstly keep your mind young, keep having fun! And don’t be too serious. Always have fun with your partner, mess about like kids! There’s nothing wrong with letting loose of your wild side when you are with your partner. Don’t be embarrassed to do a silly dance together or pull silly faces that’s all the little things that bring laughter into your relationship.

Secondly try new activities together maybe start running together. Go, go karting! Try something a little different in your days out or in the holidays, maybe jet skiing if you’re abroad! Go a little crazy together, have fun!

How about playing video games together to get the competition flowing! I good bit of rivalry won’t hurt, there can always be a cheeky reward for the winner! Spice the night up a bit, it could be fun!

Make fun of each other, have private jokes! Don’t get to personal or offensive to the stage where your partner does not find it funny no more. But have a little tease and a joke enough to make each other laugh over it.

Flirting, this can keep the relationship fun! Yes this means sex too! There’s always ways to be cheeky in a relationship. A little tease for your partner won’t do no harm and romantic sex or wild sex can both be fun! Just make time for sex in your relationship this can be hard if you’re busy working or have little terrors running around the place. Make time for sex it keeps the relationship fun and sexy!