Embrace your partner


Embrace all your partners perfect little details they have. Admire your partners imperfections, appreciate them.

1. Tell your partner what you love about them, tell them you love the way they twirl their hair or knock their leg when they get nervous. Or the way the stare at you when they think you are not looking.

2. Tell them how what they dislike about their body, you find gorgeous. Perfect.

3. Allow them to feel appreciated, tell your partner they look amazing when they are not feeling confident. Tell them you are grateful for everything they do for you.

4. Your partner is unique, tell them this. Let them know they don’t have to look like everyone else, you love them for who they are and how they look.

5. Always compliment your partner in a positive light, if you love them you will embrace every little detail that comes with them. From their loud flamboyant laugh that makes everybody stare. To their gentle, soft, caring personality that draws you to them.

Embrace them.
Love them.

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