What you should never say in a relationship..

Whatever you do in your relationship, be sure to avoid saying any of the following to your other half..

1) Comparing the relationship. This is 100% a no-go area. Don’t even do it in a positive way because once you open up that area without boundaries, a negative comment can sneak in out of no where. Keep the relationship you’re currently in as sacred and unique as you can.

2) Complaining about how your partner used to be. This involves saying ‘You used to be so romantic’ instead of ‘i loved all of the romantic things you used to do for me and now it seems you’re too busy for me’. Attacks on character opposed to deed are taken very personally and hurts are not remembered for a short period of time. Say what you mean and keep it specific and accurate.

3) Correcting your partners grammar during an argument. This is being patronising to your partner. If you don’t treat them as equal, they will puff up to prove themselves to be.

4) Name calling. Darling: yes. Any name that is viscous or hurtful, no matter how creative or funny you think it may be: no. Your partner will never, ever forget it. A hurtful label cannot be undone when it has been placed.

5) Any threat to end the relationship. (Unless you truly mean it)

If two people can have an argument and still feel secure that the relationship is solid and they are safe and still committed, then the relationship is not solid and neither of you are in face safe in it.

5 thoughts on “What you should never say in a relationship..

  1. I did subscribe to this blog (?) — ie I am on their list; thank you for the link.

    I love this article.

    If you ever see one that you like, PLEASE send on to me, in case I missed it.


    I love you babe.

    I am so glad we had our rebuild weekend – first of many!


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