Boyfriends perspective on valentine’s day..

Valentine’s day for me is outdated and no longer represents its true meaning – now it is all about over sized cards, heart shaped balloons, candy, chocolate and various other delights. i mean, do we really need to wait until the 14th February to tell people we love them? Should we wait until Valentine’s Day to buy a gift for the one we love, to eat a nice meal or to have flowers? No. We shouldn’t. Call me the Valentine’s Scrooge if you like, but this is what i think.

First of all, the way you stay in a fulfilling long-term relationship is, among many other things, showing love to each other every day in whatever little ways you each find meaningful. However, this is not really the reason i dislike it so much. The bigger reason is that romantic love is already so glorified and celebrated in our culture that it actually seems very odd to me to have a special holiday just for it’s sake. It’s like having a Christianity Awareness Day or Straight Pride Day.

Many of you probably like Valentine’s Day and that’s fine. You’re not a bad person if you like it. My aim here isn’t to convince anyone of anything, but just to rant about my opinion from my perspective. I’m not against love or romance, i’m not against people showering the one they love with gifts and affection but i am against people doing it especially because the media and the greetings card industry say we should.

8 thoughts on “Boyfriends perspective on valentine’s day..

  1. Having read both posts, I think I’m somewhere in between. I’ve been with my other half for almost 4 years, and although we acknowledged the day we didn’t have cards/presents because we didn’t feel the need. He had work and neither of us have any money as we’re off on holiday next week.

    Although I like the idea of that one special day to really dedicate yourself to your partner, I like to think I do that every day. Every now and again we surprise each other, and every day we show each other how much we mean to each other.

    I’m definitely somewhere in between, I don’t think valentines is something that should be such a big deal, but I do like the way it makes people who are so busy they almost take their relationship for granted actually take note of the special person they have in their lives.

    Both great posts.


    • It’s a hard one to decide from. This is the boyfriend speaking and I feel exactly the same as you, although it’s a day to dedicate love to each other, it is possible to achieve this any other day. I try to surprise my girlfriend most of the time, without gifts as I feel they are not necessary.

      Thanks for taking time to read both blogs, it is much appreciated! I hope you look forward to reading some of our other blogs too.


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