Girlfriends perspective of meeting the boyfriends parents

For me meeting my boyfriends family for the very first time was a rather embarrassing moment!

That day me and my boyfriend had been out for a walk along a local beach area after a previous rainy day. Little did we know that the area we was walking in would be covered in think muddy sludge, we tried to trudge are way along the beach but we was getting muddier and muddier as we went! After we made are way back out from a disaster of a walk, we tried to clean over are shoes in the public toilets… This did not help!

We headed back towards my boyfriends house where he then offered me home to sort out my shoes and get some dry socks! At this moment my heart sank to my stomach, this was a un planned first visit and I looked a mess! This was not good, as I always planned to make a good first impression by dressing nice, having my boyfriend introduce me as his nice polite girlfriend and his family taking a instant shine to me. As he is the baby of the family, I wanted his family to approve of me to be good enough for my boyfriend luckily they did like me because look at us now!

Reality was… I built this big plan up in my head how I wanted things to go it actually went like this. I turned up at his house with shoes caped in mud and his mum just welcomed me in to his house to hose down my shoes and even borrow some of hers! (Although I did just stick to a pair of my boyfriends dry socks) but having such a kind welcome from his mum took a big weight of my shoulders and made all the nerves and worry disappear, I was still more quite than my usual self but that was just being polite! The best thing to do if you’re in one of these situations where you are meeting your partners parents is, do not plan how you want it to go! Or expect anything to happen how you wish!

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